How do you do (Sir).

Welcome to the story.
You should only play stories where you're at best.

When I first went up to the mountain I enjoied the WC over the top. I got in and started fascinating with that gleaming coming off the floor. I was totally lit by the buildings underneath. It was the city.

I had enough and stopped. All my friends got a brain freezing, while the whole city burned out on ice. Now I'm back, just playing around with stories, which I cast down on tees.

babel - line pictures a perfect blend of conversations and ultra modern lifestyle.

Doodling babel-line artists ride the exclusive escalator somewhere in between the World you know and what you feel. If you want to join the conversation, just drop us a mail.

Escalator. An escalator is a moving staircase. Riding up the mid-levels escalator is usually best for humans. Total travel time is twenty minutes, but most people walk while the system moves to shorten their trip.

Few words about tees.

Good value for money. Printing incredible tees takes lots of hard work to complete. Thanks to the machines we'll continue to stick incredible prints with incredible prices.

Phthalate Compliant Plastisol Inks We have been always using the best inks on the market and in the last few months we improve even further, our t-shirts are all printed with Fujifilm Sericol Advantage ON Phthalate Compliant Plastisol Inks.
Just a few words about, we don't want you to fall asleep:
Phthalates do not persist in the environment; they biodegrade readily.
They do not accumulate in animals or humans; inside the body, they break down quickly and are excreted.
Most importantly, in their long history of use, there is not one known case of them ever having caused anyone any demonstrable harm.
To the contrary, they are important and often unique components of many of today’s life saving medical devices.

In simple words - They cost an arm and a leg, about three times many other commonly used screenprinting inks
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